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DMA35 Data Logging Module

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The DMA35 data logging module enables the DMA35 hydrometer to store up to 8 strings of 256 specific gravity and temperature readings. This data can then be downloaded and analyzed using the Winmeter 5.1 Battery Analysis Software.

For a
complete solution consider purchasing the DM35-BATT battery test kit (DMA35 hydrometer, DMA35 data module, RS232 download cable, Winmeter 5.1 Battery Analysis Software and custom hard case)

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Simple yet powerful...

DMA35 Hydrometer (not included)
Step 1: Use a DMA35 digital hydrometer (not included) to take up to 256 readings of SG and temperature

Wirelessly transfer DMA35 hydrometer readings to DMA35 data module in seconds
Step 2: Transfer the DMA35 readings (via IRDA) to the DMA35 data module. The module can hold up to 8 strings of 256 readings

Upload DMA35 module data to Winmeter 5.0 Software
Step 3: Connect the DMA35 data module to a PC/Winmeter 5.1 battery analysis software to transfer all data and generate/save battery test reports