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Automating The Battery Test Industry

Battery Test Instruments

ETG offers a full range of battery test instruments. These are available separately (see below) or combined with companion instrument(s), a custom hard case and Winmeter 5.1 software in a range of battery test packages.

DLV50 Data Logging Voltmeter
  • Quickly record and view DC cell voltages with immediate out of tolerance indication.
  • Perform a battery discharge test up on to 256 cells with up to 11 time-stamped data points for each cell
  • Include optional time-stamped load current data (via shunt or current probe)
  • Quickly upload and analyze hydrometer data.
  • Immediately analyze voltage and hydrometer data on-site.
  • Options include inbuilt graphical, statistical and threshold analysis on a full color high-resolution display.
  • Date and time-stamping of last reading.
  • Easily transfer data files to Winmeter 5.1 battery analysis software via USB plug & play.
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DMA35 Digital Hydrometer
  • Collect and store up to 1028 specific gravity and temperature readings. 
  • Measure specific gravity and temperature in less than 5 seconds.
  • Specific gravity temperature is automatic and the unit is preconfigured for 77/77 F or 20/20 C.
  • Can be used on all manufacturers “wet” cells by using the corner withdrawal tube or vent cap.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The DMA35 hydrometer requires a DMA35 Data Module or DLV50 data logging voltmeter to transfer data to Winmeter 5.1 battery analysis software.
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DMA35 Dat Logging Module

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DSG30 Data Logging Hydrometer

  • Measures and records SGU and temperature in less than 5 seconds.
  • Stores up to 2048 readings of specific gravity and temperature.
  • Displays cell number, specific gravity and temperature at the same time.
  • Fast and safe because no fluids are withdrawn from the battery.
  • Easily transfer hydrometer to Winmeter 5.1 Battery Analysis Software via RS232 connection.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: The DSG30 Hydrometer requires batteries that have at least a 5/16" corner access tube.
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