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DMA35 Digital Hydrometer

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DMA35 Hydrometer
DMA35 Hydrometer
  • Collect and store up to 1028 specific gravity and temperature readings. 
  • Measure specific gravity and temperature in less than 5 seconds.
  • Specific gravity temperature is automatic and the unit is preconfigured for 77/77 F or 20/20 Cs
  • Can be used on all manufacturers “wet” cells by using the corner withdrawal tube or vent caps
  • One hand operation for convenience.
  • Splash-proof membrane keypad for robustness.
  • To increase storage capacity to 8 strings of 256 readings and enable PC data download to the Winmeter 5.0 battery analysis software, consider upgrading to the DMA35-BATT data logging hydrometer or the DMA35-DLV50-BATT data logging hydrometer & voltmeter battery test packages.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The DMA35 Hydrometer requires a DMA35 Data Module or DLV50 Data Logging Voltmeter to interface to a PC/Winmeter 5.1 Battery analysis software.