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DSG 30 Data Logging Hydrometer

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The DSG-30 Hydrostik enables the user to collect and store up to 2048 specific gravity and temperature readings from batteries that have a 5/16" corner access tube. 
Memory capacity is 8 strings of 256 readings. The user can then quickly and easily upload the test data to a PC/Winmeter 5.1 Battery Analysis Software via a RS232 PC interface.
Winmeter 5.0 battery analysis software is included with the instrument and has a powerful report generation and database capabilities; enabling the user to identify batteries that are likely to require preventative maintenance.

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Rugged yet powerful...
DSG30 Data Logging Hydrometer

Quickly Record and View Specific Gravity and Temperature Readings
  • Collect and store up to 8 strings of 256 specific gravity and temperature readings. 
  • Measure specific gravity and temperature in less than 5 seconds.
  • Specific gravity temperature is automatic and the unit is preconfigured for 77/77 F or 20/20 C.
  • Splash proof membrane keypad for robustness.
  • Download hydrometer data to the Winmeter 5.1 Battery Analysis Software.

Easily Transfer Data Files to Winmeter 5.0 Battery Analysis Software Via USB Plug & Play
Combine data with an existing DLV30 or DLV40 DC Cell voltage data
  • Upload both instruments separately with Winmeter 5.1 software.
  • Combine cell voltage, specific gravity & temperature readings with Winmeter 5.1 software into one battery test report.
  • IMPORTANT: DLV30 & DLV40 have been replaced by the DLV50
  • New customers should consider purchasing the DMA35-DLV50-BATT battery test package.

Easily Transfer Data Files to Winmeter 5.0 Battery Analysis Software Via USB Plug & Play
Easily Transfer Data Files to Winmeter 5.1 Battery Analysis Software
  • Connect to PC (via RS232) to transfer data files to Winmeter 5.1 software.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The DSG30 Hydrometer requires batteries that have at least a 5/16" corner access tube.