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DMA35-DLV50-BATT Hydrometer & Voltmeter Battery Test Package

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Measuring DC cell voltages, specific gravity and electrolyte temperature has always been a time consuming and messy chore requiring two technicians: one to take the readings, the other to write down the data.
The DMA35-DLV50-BATT battery test package is a compact yet-powerful battery testing tool. It allows the user to not only quickly and accurately acquire critical test data but allows for immediate analysis (threshold, statistical and graphical) while still in the battery room.
This data can then be downloaded via a Plug 'n' Play USB connection and further analyzed with the Winmeter 5.1 Battery Analysis Software, enabling the user to quickly identify batteries that are likely to require preventative maintenance.

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Analyse test data onsite…

DLV50 Data Logging Voltmeter Plus
DMA35 Digital Hydrometer
View & analyze imported DMA35 data
  • Automatically measure and store voltages in less than 1 second
  • Immediate audio and visual out-of-tolerance indication
  • View/edit last 5 readings with out-of-tolerance indication
  • Record in "8 strings of 256" or "20 strings of 48" format
  • Color-coded out of tolerance indication
  • Set threshold limits via PC for each string
  • Statistical analysis (sum, average, max/min readings with cell number)
  • Graphical analysis (color-coded bar graphs: Voltage, SG and Temp.)
  • Upload DMA35 data via IRDA (no data module required).
  • View DMA35 readings with high & low threshold , statistical and graphical analysis.
  • Measure specific gravity and temperature in less than 5 seconds.
  • Specific gravity temperature is automatic.
  • Can be used on all manufacturers “wet” cells by using the corner withdrawal tube or vent cap.
  • One hand operation for convenience .

Graphical discharge analysis (battery voltage Vs time & selected cell voltage Vs time)
DMA35/DLV50 Custom Case
Generate test reports with Winmeter 5.0 Software
  • Perform a Full Battery Discharge Test & analyze results onsite during the test
  • Test up to 256 cells with up to 11 time-stamped data points for each cell
  • Record time-stamped readings of load current via a shunt/current probe
  • Record initial and/or final hydrometer readings via a DMA35 hydrometer
  • Color-coded out of tolerance indication
  • Threshold limits set via PC interface or set manually on the instrument
  • Statistical analysis (sum, average, max/min readings with cell number)
  • Graphical analysis (battery voltage Vs time & selected cell voltage Vs time)
  • Quickly transfer data files to Winmeter 5.1 Battery Analysis Software
  • The DLV50 offers USB Plug 'n' Play syncing & configuration of all data
  • Enables threshold, date, time and string deletion via USB
  • Edit, delete or insert test data prior to creating battery analysis reports
  • Create detailed battery test reports and save to a custom database
  • Sophisticated battery discharge analysis (incl. animated discharge reports)
  • Optional one-click export data to ExcelTM or save toPDF format
  • Custom hard case.
  • Fits both instruments & accessories.
  • Acid resistant .